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A week (or so) of Twitter
September 30, 2008, 11:44 pm
Filed under: PRCA 3331

Twitter was a new experience. At first I was wondering “what’s the point?” To me it seemed like an endless update of Facebook statuses, and to some point I guess it is; however Twitter offers something more than Facebook. There are the occasional passive quips of personal interest: jabs at a significant other (or ex’s), the self-grandalizing of personal problems, and the gloating of success. But Twitter offers something more substantial; to me it’s the up-to-the-minute feedback/information on issues of social relevance. This week offered tons of material for people to comment on: the gas crisis, the federal bailout, stock market fluctuations, the presidential debates, and of coarse most importantly college football. Using Twitter on my mobile allowed me to see immediate reaction of others on these topics. I found this especially fascinating; because as I viewed an event unfold I could watch others response to the event. This allowed to somewhat observe the cognitive faculties that are employed in one’s opinion formation process. Pop-psychologist is just one of the many hats I where; along with astronaut helmet.

I was unfamiliar with Twitter before this assignment, but I got the since that I somewhat got in on the ground floor of a growing phenomenon. It was interesting to see who was on Twitter, and who was not on Twitter (yet). Another little test I employed was, seeing how many clicks it took me to get to a creator of Twitter. We all had to come from somewhere. Twitter categorizes followers by the length of time they have subscribed to Twitter, so the first person in your follower box has been a member the longest. If you click your “oldest” follower, then click their “oldest” follower, and so-on and so-on; eventually you have to come to a creator. For me it was 3 clicks. Just a fun exercise to try. Have fun tweeting tweeps.


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