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On Belay! Belay On!: Career Opportunities within TNF

When mountaineering a person climbing or rappelling will shout “On Belay!” to signify that they are ready to traverse the rope; in response the belayer (anchor person) if ready will retort “Belay On!” Starting your career in PR can seem like climbing a mountain, and while you may ready to shout “On Belay!” there may not be the echo of “Belay On!” from PR arms of The North Face.


The North Face Corporate

There are four jobs currently listed on the TNF Careers page that have a strong relation to PR, corporate communication, or marketing. The jobs that are currently listed are: an eCommerce Senior Merchandising Manager, Retail Marketing Manager, Copywriter, and Merchandise Coordinator-Field. There are more jobs listed that entail some peripheral PR functions most of them are in retail  such as a product specialist, assistant store manager, or sales associate.


The VF Corporation: Parent Company to TNF

Even less communication job opportunities are available through the holding company online career page. A few human resources positions are available, and a few merchandising positions are available; but it unclear what if any interaction one would have with The North Face.

Ruder Finn, Inc.: The North Face PR Agency

Ruder Finn does not list specific job openings, in order not pigeon-hole itself into looking for certain job candidates. The agency is open to new creative individuals who can submit their resume via email at However, new college graduates can apply to Ruder Finn’s acclaimed Executive Training Program; after the four month program there is the possibility of gaining a position within the agency perhaps on The North Face account.