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The North Face Project
December 3, 2008, 8:39 pm
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This page is the culmination of my work analyzing the PR platform of The North Face Inc. The project was done as an assignment conducted through Professor Barbra NixonCorporate PR class at Georgia Southern University. I chose to focus on The North Face (TNF) because of my personal satisfaction in using their products and  their unique insurgence into main stream pop-culture and fashion, even though their products are geared predominately toward a small faction of adventure enthusiast.


Table of Contents


From High Altitude: TNF Corporate Overview


Knots in the Rope: TNF Company Timeline


The 3 P’s of The North Face’s PR Strategy


The Publics


The north face of The North Face: The Challenges Facing TNF


The Summit: Awards and honors of TNF


Feel the Vibrations: A Groundswell on The North Face


The Corporate Alphorn: TNF Online Newsroom


On Belay! Belay On!: Career Opportunities within TNF


Climbers, Campers, and Cold-weather lovers: The Community of The North Face


Clinging to a Ledge: Crisis within TNF


Should I Never Stop Exploring?


The Assent of 10 Things You didn’t know about The North Face Power Point Presentation 



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