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Should I Never Stop Exploring?
December 3, 2008, 2:26 pm
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The North Face corporate slogan is “Never Stop Exploring.” Should I  take them up on it and see where TNF takes me? After conducting my research, Professor Nixon poses the question “Are you more or less likely to peruse a job with your company?”  I guess my answer would have to be neither. I am intrigued about the possibility of working for TNF. I always said that it would be one of the many fish bowl companies that I would try to land with my ping pong ball resume.  I have attraction to TNF because I am a firm believer in their products, I enjoy many of the adventure lifestyle activities, and I have the assumption that they have somewhat of laid-back corporate culture. However, I have no idea what role I would like within the organization. I can see myself doing a wide variety of task; I just don’t know which if any I WANT to do. Curse of a college student, I guess. I still have intentions of applying for some position with the company. I have been energized by many of things I found out about TNF; like its unyielding commitment to innovation. However, I have also been discouraged by some aspects too; like the TNF failure to maximize its potential in its communication functions. Overall I would say the ebbs and flows in my propensity toward TNF have resulted in a net sum zero. I am still just as enthusiastic or apathetic about a possible career with TNF depending on the day.

Ultimately as long I can find a job I don’t mind going to everyday in location that something to offer I will be happy. Whether I am working a Fortune 500 company or a 5 brother family business an opportunity at happiness is all I can ask for.