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The Publics

The publics of The North Face are multi-layered; here is a brief overview.

Internal Publics

The VF Corporation Board of Directors

  • Eric Wiseman Chairman, President, and CEO
  • Charles (Chip) Bergh
  • Ursula Fairbairn
  • Barbara Feigin
  • George Fellows
  • Robert Hurst Jr.
  • W. Alan McCollough
  • Clarence Otis Jr.
  • M. Rust Sharp
  • Raymond Viault
  • Juan Ernesto de Bedout

VF Corporation Executives Relevant to TNF

  • Eric Wiseman Chairman, President, and CEO
  • Robert Shearer SVP and CFO

  • Bradley Batten VP, Controller, and CAO

  • Martin Schneider VP CIO

  • Frank Pickard VP and Treasure

  • Cindy Knoebel VP Financial and Corporate Communications, VF Services

  • Ellen Rohde VP Branding Planning

  • Paul Mason Director of Corporate Communications

  • Dave Gatto President, VF Outdoor Americas

The North Face Executives

  • Dave Gatto President
  • Steve Rendle President, Americas
  • Topher Gaylord President, Outdoor International, VF Coporation
  • Dan Templin CFO
  • Joe Flannery VP, Marketing
  • Jim Gerson VP, Research, Development, and Design
  • Todd Spaletto VP, US Sales
  • Patty Pierce Directory, Human Resources
  • Michelle Barth Director, Marketing
  • Sumi Reddy Product Manager, Tekware

The North Face employs about 860 workers across the world.


External Publics

The customers of TNF are sprinkled across the outdoor activity spectrum. On one end are the hardcore adventurists that push the limits in the extreme conditions TNF gear was designed for. On the other end of the spectrum are customers who are drawn to TNF products because of emerging fashion trend of wilderness chic. The North Face products are by everybody from explorers to weekend warriors. 






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